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Updated on, 02/04/2024

Changes to the terms

Euralb retains the authority to modify the terms without prior notice. Customers are expected to regularly review the terms of service for any updates.

Accounts and Services Activation

We offer instant account activation for our shared and reseller web hosting plans. Typically, cloud servers are activated within 30 minutes, although in some cases, it may take up to 6 hours for activation. Dedicated servers are typically activated within 2-24 hours if the requested hardware is in stock. However, for custom setups, additional time may be required to deliver it from our vendor.

Please note that any account may experience delays in activation if it fails the initial verification process. In such instances, we will promptly contact you with details and steps to complete the verification process.

Payments and Payment Methods

By agreeing to our terms, you commit to timely and upfront payment for the Services, covering the billing cycle during which the Services are provided. Invoices are generated 30 days prior to the renewal date of the Services. Euralb offers a grace period of 3 days after the renewal date. Failure to settle the invoice within this grace period will result in the temporary suspension of services until the invoice is paid in full.

***Warning: Euralb will Terminate and Delete Services that remain unpaid in full 30 days after suspension. Additionally, backups will be removed.

Invoices paid multiple times due to multiple PayPal subscriptions or manual payments via Credit/Debit Cards cannot be refunded. Any overpaid amount will be credited to your account and can be utilized to settle future invoices.

For some Web Hosting plans, SSL Certificates, Domains and for some other services, invoices will be generated 30 days prior to the renewal date.

For Cloud servers, Dedicated Servers etc, the invoice will be generated 7 days prior to the renewal date.

Euralb accepts payments via debit/credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfer. However, payments from unverified PayPal accounts will not be accepted.

Contact Information

The customer agrees to maintain accurate contact information, including their phone number and email, on file at all times. We will utilize the provided phone number and email address to send notifications regarding generated invoices, overdue invoices, service suspensions, service terminations, new service provisions, and any other pertinent information. Euralb advises customers to utilize an external email address to ensure receipt of messages in the event of service-related issues.


Cancellation requests need to be placed via the client dashboard by clicking on My services, then on Manage and then on the Request cancellation button. Cancellation requests sent via e-mail will not be considered legitimate and you will still be billed for the Services until a legitimate cancellation request is placed. Cancellation requests may take up to 7 days to be completed.

Domain names enter redemption period 30 days after the expiration date. The cost to recover and renew a domain name which is in redemption is $99.

Customer Responsibility

Customer is responsible for the content uploaded to his account. Customer is responsible for the actions of his customers using accounts within our servers and network. In case Euralb’s terms of service are violated, Euralb will suspend the account violating the terms and will notify the Customer via the e-mail or ticket on file.

Euralb will not be held responsible for any harm or damage caused by the use of our services. Customer agrees to use the Service in his own risk.

Euralb’s Abuse Team will sent an email to customer or will open an ticket for letting know customer about the reason of suspended services or the violation. If customer doesn’t answer in next 48 hours, Euralb’s Technical Team will check the problem in manual way and then if problem continues to violate our terms, will be suspended or locked again. If customer doesn’t answer in 7 days about this violation, Euralb will terminate and delete the service that violate our terms.

Free Domain Name

We provide a free domain name with some web hosting plans, cloud servers and dedicated servers plans. The domain name extensions that are eligible to be used are .al, .com, .net, .org, .info, .eu, .us, .gr, .at, .de, .se etc. You will see what domains can be ordered for free while you are placing an order. The domain name will be provided for free for as long as the web hosting service is kept active with us. You need to pay for minimum 3 months to get the free domain. If you use the 30 day money back guarantee you will have to pay for the domain name at its normal price which you can see at https://www.euralb.com/domains

Money back Guarantee

This policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding refunds for services provided by the company. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Eligibility for Money Back Guarantee: The money-back guarantee is specifically for new clients. Existing clients who place new orders are not eligible for this guarantee.
  2. Refund Timeframe: Customers can request a full refund for eligible services within 30 days of purchase. Alternatively, for services covered by the anytime money-back guarantee, they can request a partial refund for the unused portion of the service at any time after activation.
  3. Services Covered by Anytime Money Back Guarantee: The anytime money-back guarantee applies to web hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud servers.
  4. Services Not Covered by Money Back Guarantee: Dedicated servers, SSL certificates, domain registration/renewal or transfer, and software licenses or custom software installs are not eligible for refunds under this policy.
  5. Terms of Service Violation: If a customer violates the terms of service, they forfeit their right to a refund.

This policy aims to clarify the conditions under which customers can request refunds for the services provided, ensuring transparency and clear expectations for both new and existing clients.

Technical Support

This technical support policy outlines the scope of assistance provided by Euralb, as well as the limitations and conditions under which support is offered. Here’s a breakdown:

Availability of Technical Support: Technical support is available 24/7 via live chat, email, or tickets submitted from the client area. While live chat may not always be available for certain issues, assistance will be provided via a ticket opened by the company on the client’s behalf.

Best Effort Basis: Technical assistance is provided on a best effort basis. Customers acknowledge that the Euralb may have full access to their data and agree that any modifications made during the investigation of reported issues may affect service functionality. Customers are responsible for maintaining full backups of their data before requesting technical support.

Refusal of Support: The company reserves the right to refuse technical support if customers violate the terms of service, refuse to implement requested changes, request changes that pose security concerns, make changes while support is actively being provided, or exhibit abusive behavior towards company employees.

Scope of Free Technical Support: Free technical support covers issues related to the Euralb’s hosting services and platform, excluding certain categories such as coding and website development issues, installation or configuration of third-party scripts, website security and speed optimization, and installation of additional server software.

Approval of Additional Assistance: If a technical support request falls outside the scope of free support, the Euralb may approve assistance at its discretion and may charge additional fees. Customers will not be charged for technical support services without prior written approval.

This policy aims to define the boundaries of technical support provided by the company, ensuring clarity for customers regarding the types of issues covered, the conditions under which support is offered, and any potential fees associated with additional assistance.

Content and actions not permitted

The customer agrees to utilize the Services exclusively for lawful purposes. Euralb explicitly prohibits the presence of the following content on our servers and network:

1. Any material associated with IRC.
2. Proxy scripts.
3. Operation of chat services or chat-related websites on shared hosting plans.
4. Content related to torrents.
5. Initiation of background processes on shared servers.
6. Warez, hacking tools, exploits, or bots.
7. Any form of cryptocurrency mining.
8. Game servers.
9. Websites primarily focused on download and streaming.
10. Promotion of illegal activities.
11. IP scanners.
12. Websites catering to hackers.

Any account found infringing upon another person’s copyright will be promptly addressed, with content removal or access disablement as necessary. Repeated copyright violations may result in suspension or termination of services.

Additionally, the customer agrees not to employ our shared or reseller hosting space as storage for backups or unrelated files. Such content may be removed without prior notice.

The customer is responsible for maintaining the security and currency of their accounts at all times. Directories must have chmod set to 711, and configuration files containing passwords must be chmod to 600. Scripts, plugins, and modules must be regularly updated, and strong passwords are mandatory.

Communications with us

Euralb maintains a standard of polite and respectful communication with its clients, and we anticipate the same from our clients in return. Should a customer exhibit rudeness or direct insults towards any of our staff members, we will issue a polite warning urging them to maintain a respectful and proper communication approach with us.

Euralb reserves the right to decline service renewal for any customer who continues to engage in insulting behavior towards our staff members, even after receiving a warning via email.


At Euralb, we ensure the safety of your files and databases by maintaining backups. For budget reseller plans and Cloud servers, we conduct daily and weekly backups. Similarly, for web hosting and reseller plans, we also perform daily and weekly backups.

However, it’s important for customers to understand that using Euralb’s backups is done at their own risk. While we strive to keep backups available, we cannot guarantee their existence at all times. Therefore, we strongly advise customers to maintain their own backups as a precautionary measure.

Migration Policy

At Euralb, we make website migration a seamless and stress-free process, ensuring quick and effortless transitions without any downtime. To perform the migration efficiently, we require login details to the old server.

We offer free migrations under the following circumstances:

  1. Migrating websites from another provider, regardless of the platform used on the source server.
  2. Migrating websites between servers we manage, such as upgrades from shared/reseller to a Cloud server.

However, please note that migrations are not free in the following scenario:

  1. Migrations between servers managed by Euralb that don’t involve an upgrade, where the client pays the same or less after the migration.
IP Address Allocation

Euralb may require a valid reason before assigning a dedicated IP to Customer. Valid justifications include the installation of SSL certificates or the installation of a service that necessitates listening on a separate IP address.

SPAM Policy

We maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy against SPAM. Any accounts found to be used for spamming will be promptly suspended. If spamming persists, the account will be permanently removed from our server. We do not permit bulk mailing from our shared servers. However, if you need to send thousands of emails, we offer a separate service for that purpose.

Please note that purchased email lists or opt-in lists will also be considered spam.

Additionally, Euralb reserves the right to charge a clean-up fee to customers who send unsolicited emails that result in our server’s IP being blacklisted for spamming.

Resource Limits

On our servers, each account is allocated specific CPU and memory resources. If your account exceeds these limits, we’ll notify you to take appropriate action. In cases where excessive resource usage destabilizes the server, we may suspend the overloaded account to prevent disruptions to other clients.

Additionally, customers are not permitted to use our shared hosting service for bulk email sending. While mailing lists are allowed, there are hourly mail limits in place. If you need to send more than 5000 emails per month, shared hosting may not be sufficient, and you may need a Cloud server or dedicated server.

For shared hosting and reseller hosting, there’s a limit of 200 email messages per hour. Furthermore, you can check Resource limits on each Shared Hosting plans.

Your Consent

By using our website https://www.euralb.com and our billing system https://cp.euralb.com , you consent to our privacy policy.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page include Date of update.

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