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Whether you’re a current business owner or aspiring to start your own venture, the aspiration for a robust online presence is undeniable. Your domain name says everything about the brand, your values, your identity, and what you promise to deliver.

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Included with your domain name

Euralb provides a wide selection of national, international, and regional internet domains for you to choose from. If you already have a domain, you have the option to either transfer it to us or keep it with your current provider while associating it with any hosting service, dedicated server, VPS, or cloud of your choice.

Additionally, if you’re looking to register multiple domains, we offer an exclusive discounted price list that can be conveniently used with prepaid credit. Moreover, when you choose Euralb, the visibility of your domains is always ensured by three independent and geographically separated nameservers.

Easy Domain Management

You can manage your registered domains completely free of charge via our domain management panel.

Nameserver Management
You can change your DNS servers online at any time. DNS changes are instant for all domain extensions.
Free Privacy Protection
With the Privacy feature, you can hide your personal information from prying eyes to help reduce spam, fraud and identify theft.
Free Domain Forwarding

If you wish, you can redirect your registered domain name to another domain for free.

Secure Domain Lock
Prevents domain hijacking or stop unauthorised attempts to transfer from your account without permission.
24/7 Domain Support
Our domain support team is ready to assist you for any kind of request as fast as possible.
Choice of 2,300 of Extensions
From .academy to .xyz and everything in between
Automatic Domain Renewals
Prevent registration expiry so you don’t lose your domain.
Fixed prices & No Hidden Costs
Transparent, upfront pricing

Free Domain Lifetime!

Choose a hosting plan with us and you get a Free Lifetime Domain.

Check among the available domain names and then proceed to register the domain that you want. Buy domain and match the hosting plan that best suits your needs. The domain will be free forever!

More than +2,300 extensions

Search the perfect domain for your new project!

Get out of the box! Choose an unique name from more thane 2,300 extensions and check the availability of your domain. You will make your website unique, making your project different from all other domains. Registering a custom domain gives your business an edge and immediately makes the nature of your business clear.

Our tips for finding the perfect domain name

Our experts put together these helpful tips for picking the perfect domain.

Include your brand in your domain
Include your brand in your domain. It will help make your domain memorable, while keeping it simple and clear.
Make it intuitive and descriptive
Make it intuitive and descriptive by clearly reflecting what your business is all about, and by making it easy to type. You can do this by including useful keywords that people use when searching for websites such as yours.
Aim for your country domain and .COM first.
Aim for your country domain and .COM first. If you’re doing business in Germany, the .DE extension resonates better with German shoppers, while .COM is the most popular option worldwide. We recommend you attempt to secure both of these, if available.
Keep it Short, But Not Too Short
Long names can be hard to remember and provide more chances of being misspelled. Aim for less than 20 characters, but avoid using abbreviations or slang that make your domain harder to spell.
Consider a Bilingual Domain, or 2 Domains
if you serve clients in both German and English. Separating your website over 2 domains based on language can improve your visitors’ overall experience.
Get Creative with Domain Extensions
Get cretive with domain, such as .art, .ninja, .guru, .tech and 1000+ other variations. You’ll notice that the domain availability increase dramatically when you search beyond the traditional domain extensions.
Make it Easy to Pronounce
Pronounce it by avoiding hyphens, slang or numbers. If you do use numbers, consider registering both the number and the word versions of your domain, for example and
Fashion It for Local Searches
Fashion It for Local Searches by adding in the city, region or province. This will help people know right away what area you serve and could increase relevance.
Avoid using another company’s trademarks
… or you could end up having to give up your domain name and start the process over again or worse, having a legal battle with a much larger corporation.
Protect Your Brand
Protect your business by registering your domain in all the popular extensions, possible misspellings, common alternative spellings and other languages variants.


Free Domain Privacy Lifetime!

Euralb domain registrations come with free domain privacy**, ensuring the protection of your personal information by substituting it with proxy details in the publicly available WHOIS directory. We also combat spam with private email services for domain inquiries.

Moreover, our Full and Ultimate Domain Protection plans offer security against domain hijacking attempts and provide protection against inadvertent mistakes like accidental expirations and unauthorized transfers. These comprehensive plans also enhance the security of your domain against unauthorized access.

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Got questions?
Well, we have got answers.

A domain name is essentially a user-friendly and an unique name that allows users to reach your website. For example,

You can search and check for the availability of the domain name you want to register, if the domain is available to register, you will see message: “Congratulations! is available!“, then you can click “Add to Cart”, “Checkout” and then fill the registration form. If the domain is already taken, you can check up to 750 available extensions to find the right one for your project!

One of the great investment to your business is owning a domain that represents your BUSINESS or BRAND. You might not have enough knowledges to build website for your business, but you should register a domain name for your business before it is registered by another user! It’s essential to all businesses. Use your domain name in your business email. It will help to grow your BRAND Identity by showing professionalism. For example, and

Great! You can order a Web Hosting package and you can put domain name to work. After propagation DNS proccess you can start building a website for your business, if you don’t know how to build a website, you can use Euralb Website Builder which can help you to create a website from scratch without coding / design knowledge! Website Builder App is available on all Web Hosting packages. Also you can use Softaculous Apps. to install your favourite CMS with 1-click!

Or if you don’t want a website first, you can order a Email Hosting package to start using your custom email address This will boost your prestige! Also you can use your Custom Email Address with all web hosting packages.

Yes, absolutely! As long as the domain name is available or unregistered, you can register it directly through us in just a few clicks. Search & Check domain availability here.

If your .com domain name is not available for registration, you could always go for country level domains (ccTLD), such as .de, .it, .al and more.

Hmmm, unfortunately not, simply because once purchased or renewed they can’t be unpurchased or unrenewed. We’d recommend double checking the spelling before completing your purchase to avoid any disappointment.

Super! If you want to transfer a domain, please click here to see how to do that and to start the transferring process. We charge for the domain transfer, but we also extend the domain by 1 year after the transfer process is complete. So, you can call it Free!

You can self manage the transfer or you can contact us to assist you.

If you want to upgrade your current web hosting to Euralb, please click here.

You can transferring your domain or web hosting to us, or both at the same time.

Yes you can! As above, we have domain management panel in our Client Area to manage your domain. From there you can simply click ‘Domains’, your domain then nameservers.

All domain names registered with Euralb will have their registrant information hidden at no extra cost. This means your personal details will not display in any public WHOIS databases.

We suggest everyone to have personalised email addresses because these build your brand identity, for example If you own only a domain name, you need to order Email Hosting package if you want to use only the email addresses.

If you want to use the Web Hosting to host your website also, you need only to order a Web Hosting package and you have included Email Hosting service also on your Web Hosting package.

A domain name can only contain characters from A to Z, 0 – 9;
A domain name may contain “hyphen/-” but may not begin or end with a hyphen;
Spaces and special characters, such as question marks (?), exclamation points (!), and underscores (_) are never permitted;
A domain name cannot have hyphens as the 3rd and 4th characters (reserved for multilingual domain registration eg:
The information provided in the domain name registration must be true, correct, up to date and complete;
Domain name owners must ensure their domain Whois information is always up to date.